Student Life at Eastern

Everything you need to succeed.


Without following these four steps, students cannot reach their full academic and personal potential.

Additionally, the faculty, staff, and students of Eastern are the beneficiaries of a $77 million modernization to our campus.  We all have a responsibility to be good stewards of this gift we have been given and to leave the campus better than we found it each and every day.  Any destruction or abuse of the building, including but not limited to graffiti, littering, or trespassing will not be tolerated.

At Eastern Senior High School, we expect every student to C.A.R.E.

Come to school every day in full uniform.

Arrive on time, ready to learn.

Respect yourself and our school community.

Excel through hard work.

Student Services

2019-2020 Eastern Bell Schedule

12th and 11th Grade 10th and 9th Grade
Period Time Minutes Period Time Minutes
1 9:00 – 10:20 80 1 9:00 – 10:20 80
2 10:25 – 11:45 80 2 10:25 – 11:45 80
3 – Lunch A 11:50 – 12:35 45 3 11:50 -1:10 80
4 12:40 – 2:00 80 4 – Lunch B 1:15 – 2:00 45
5 2:05 – 3:25 80 5 2:05 – 3:25 80


2 Hour Delay Bell Schedule
12th and 11th Grade
2 Hour Delay Bell Schedule
10th and 9th Grade
Period Time Minutes Period Time Minutes
1 11:00 – 11:50 50 1 11:00 – 11:50 50
2 11:55 – 12:45 50 2 11:55 – 12:45 50
3 – Lunch A 12:50 – 1:35 45 3 12:50 -1:40 50
4 1:40 – 2:30 50 4 – Lunch B 1:45 – 2:30 45
5 2:35 – 3:25 50 5 2:35 – 3:25 50

2019-2020 Student Supply List

We expect students to start the year with the following materials:
 A USB flash drive (at least 8GB) for saving computer-generated documents
 College ruled loose-leaf filler paper
 Graph ruled loose-leaf filler paper
 Five two-pocket folders
 One composition graphing notebook
 One 1 ½-inch binder (to use for all classes)
 One 3-inch binder (remains home to store old work)
 10 dividers for use in binders
 3 inch x 5 inch ruled index cards

We expect students to carry a “tool kit” containing the following items with them to each class:
 A pencil case to hold your supplies
 Two black or blue pens
 Two pencils
 One large eraser
 A ruler that measures in both inches and centimeters
 Compass
 Reinforcements for hole-punched pages
 One pad of Post-It notes (3 x 3 inches or larger)
 Colored pencils in at least six different colors
 8-digit calculator

FAQs about the supply list:
Question: Do I need to bring everything with me on the first day of school?
Answer: For the first day of school on Monday, Aug. 20, please bring your tool kit, along with your 1½-inch binder, folders and loose-leaf paper.

Question: What if I need support with getting some or all of the items?
Please contact Ms. Watts, Assistant of Strategy & Logistics , by email:

Question: Is this a complete list of everything I need for the year?
Answer: Depending on your schedule, some teachers may ask for additional supplies once the school year begins. Teachers will give you specific directions about what you will need and when you need it.

Student Services

School Counseling

Eastern Senior High School offers a comprehensive and developmental guidance and counseling curriculum that is an integral part of the total educational program designed to promote the academic, career, and personal social development of all students. As an essential part of the instructional program, school counseling helps to build a foundation for student learning and academic success. Various services provided through the school counseling office include classroom guidance, crisis intervention, individual and group counseling, consultation with parents, teachers, and administrators, and coordination of services with outside agencies. Additionally, resources are offered to help students with the adjustment/transition to high school, course selection planning for high school years, achieving academic success in high school, career awareness and exploration, decision-making and coping skills, and personal/interpersonal issues.

School Resource Officers and Security Team

School Resource Officers (SRO’s) are Metropolitan Police officers stationed in schools who perform regular police duties and are specially trained to work with young people. They work to foster positive relationships with people in schools, prevent criminal activity, and respond quickly and effectively in emergency situations.

School Security officers work for the Metropolitan Police Department through a contract. They work with the school principal and staff to make sure that students are physically safe at all times. They conduct security patrols throughout the building and grounds, monitor the dining hall, auditorium, hallways, stairwells, restrooms, entrances and exits, and provide security at athletic events, social gatherings, group assemblies and other school activities.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Coordinator

The primary role of the International Baccalaureate Coordinator is to work with students within the IB program. This rigorous course of study includes six core classes, as well as an extended essay, Theory of Knowledge course, and Creativity, Action, Service project. At Eastern, IB is an open access program, allowing interested students to complete the entire IB diploma program or selected classes for a strong foundation in college preparatory skills and higher level thinking.


The Attendance Counselor and Team works to improve student attendance and ensure students are present to receive the quality education they deserve. The counselor maintains accurate attendance records and implements effective interventions when students are absent including home visits, automated calls, and court-referrals. The attendance office is also where students or guardians should submit all excused absence, late, and early dismissal notifications.

Special Education

Special Education at Eastern Senior High School is a collaborative effort involving the student, family, school and community in developing an appropriate educational program which supports inclusionary practices and provides the opportunity for every student to maximize his or her potential and become a productive member of the community.

Social Work Office

The school social workers develop plans and strategies to improve students’ academic performance and social development. The social workers meet with students in both individual and group settings to address issues such as aggressive behavior, bullying, and depression.

Dean of Students

The primary function of the Dean’s office is to monitor, track, and assign consequences for student behaviors in an effort to support a safe and productive school community. The Office facilitates mediations, creates student behavior plans, and works to foster communication between the student, school and families.

Get Involved

Health and Wellness at Eastern

Physical Education Classes and Athletic Programs

Each student is required to take at least one (1.5) credits of health and physical education during their high school years. We also have a robust array of competitive and club sports that students can and should choose to participate in.

DCPS Local Wellness Policy

DCPS developed a new Local Wellness Policy in 2011 in collaboration with local and national experts in nutrition and physical activity, school staff and parents. The Policy outlines the ways in which DCPS plans to implement nutrition and physical activity programming towards the following goals: promoting health education and healthy behaviors; offering healthy food to students, and increasing physical activity of students before, during and after the school day.

Peer Health Exchange

We recognize that 1.5 credits of health and physical education are not enough to give students all of the vital information they need to make healthy decisions so we have partnered with Peer Health Exchange, a program where trained, college student volunteers teach our students a comprehensive health curriculum consisting of thirteen standardized health workshops on topics ranging from decision-making and sexual health to substance abuse and nutrition. They deliver health information to teenagers in a language and context that is relevant to their everyday experiences, yet they can also serve as role models, demonstrating healthy behaviors and the successful transition from high school to college.The workshops are taught during Advisory on Thursdays or Fridays.

Legacy Greenhouse and Garden

The Greenhouse and Garden Club maintains Eastern's Legacy greenhouse and garden space, re-founded in 2012 after a long hiatus during the renovation. Everything grown in the greenhouse and garden is 100% local, organic, pesticide-free, and teen-powered! Students plant, grow, and harvest organic fruits and vegetables that they have grown from seed in the greenhouse to share with or sell to the school and community. Students learn to be knowledgeable gardeners, environmental stewards, entrepreneurs, and champions for fresh, local, organic foods. In addition, there are multiple classes that implement lessons in the greenhouse and garden as an integral part of their curricula.

Healthy Salad Bar and Lunch Meals

Nutritious meals are the foundation of any healthy eating plan and the school breakfast and lunch meals remain the cornerstone of all school based nutrition programs. Chartwells is our food service provider and their menus support the D.C. Healthy Schools Act and include plenty of whole grains, vegetables and fruits while being low in fat, sodium and sugar. All of their recipes, menus, and nutrition programs are designed by a network of Registered Dieticians and professional Chefs. We also have a 10-foot, full-service salad bar as an option for students during lunch.

DC Healthy Schools Act

In May 2010, the D.C. Council passed the Healthy Schools Act, a landmark law designed to improve the health and wellness of students attending D.C. public and public charter schools. The Act took effect August 2010. Our school lunch menus are designed to meet the nutrition guidelines set forth by the D.C. Healthy Schools Act and we received a $10,000 grant to activate our greenhouse and garden through funds designated for school garden promotion.